Kim Doell PhD

Kim Doell PhD.

The €200,000 Institutional #EinsteinFoundationAward2022 goes to @PsySciAcc @coles_nicholas_. The network brings together scientists from over 70 countries and has been making key contributions to the democratization and diversification of psychological research. Congratulations!

Me preparing for year end Holiday across Europe and looking for best of times ahead after years of Covid lockdown
Me after watching Putin Russia drop missile on NATO member Poland killing people and watching article 5 and World War III (WWIII) trend! #Poland

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Protecting the environment and mitigating/adapting to the long-term consequences of the climate crisis will require a broad adjustment of our society. Investigation via a multi-level approach, that focuses on the individual- and group-based mechanisms that may drive behavioral processes, stands to make a large impact. My research broadly aims to combine such individual- and group-based mechanisms in order to understand and promote sustainable behavior.