Kim Doell PhD

Kim Doell PhD.

#TISP ManyLabs Study Update:
We are excited to report that we have over 200 confirmed collaborators in 61 countries that will investigate trust in science and science-related populism🥳

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I am accepting graduate students this year! Apply to join us in the Collective Cognition Lab @NYUPsych ( if you’re interested in behavioral science interventions addressing the #ClimateCrisis

Here's a list of amazing resources for PhD applicants.

Maximilian Scheuplein@mscheuplein

Applying to grad school is a huge (and daunting) undertaking with so many things to consider. However, there are some amazing resources out there that can be helpful for navigating this process - I’d like to highlight a few below 🧵

Manylabs Climate Project update: The first team has successfully collected data!!!🥳We will send out the information on how to upload the data to us soon. Please watch our updates page 👀 @vlasceanu_mada @jayvanbavel

Populist attitudes to #science: How prevalent are they among the public?

I tested this w/ @mss7676 @j_metag @KlingerKira – and found that these attitudes link to less science knowledge and opposition to left-leaning views, e.g. 🔎

📄 @PLOSONE paper:

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Protecting the environment and mitigating/adapting to the long-term consequences of the climate crisis will require a broad adjustment of our society. Investigation via a multi-level approach, that focuses on the individual- and group-based mechanisms that may drive behavioral processes, stands to make a large impact. My research broadly aims to combine such individual- and group-based mechanisms in order to understand and promote sustainable behavior.